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Alone among Slaves

Sobald ein Flaneur sich in die hinterste Ecke des gegenwärtigen Mitteldeutschlands flüchtet, muss er feststellen, dass er sprachlich und kulturell durchaus an Grenzen kommt. In diesem Fall hat ein zweisprachiges Bahnhofsschild auf dem Weg von Dresden nach Görlitz das Augenmerk...


Little black boxes

If you – dear reader – would like to have more serenity regarding the currently apparently hysterical world or zeitgeist, you could try Terry Pratchett’s novels to enrich your perspective with some humour. There are numerous little observations in these multi-faceted social pictures that make us think. For example, on Discworld there are so-called iconographs. These are small, black boxes through which, with a viewfinder, you look at a motif; you press a button and a picture of exactly that motif comes out of the box. A miracle of magic. But one should not open this box carelessly. You...


The Cathedral at Wetzlar

Sometimes I find myself, rather by chance – if I believed in such a thing – in places whose names I am quite familiar with, because I have encountered them before in various contexts, without being able to visualise their significance. Wetzlar is such a place. Hardly would I have found it easily on the map, but I soon realised why I knew the name. After all, the town was the seat of the Imperial Chamber Court from 1689 to 1806, where Goethe, probably on the instructions of his father, was to give his legal career a decisive boost...


A timeless tradition: Brunsbüttel’s watery ways

A flâneur should break his daily routine from time to time. First leisure calls, then the muse inspires him. Such an escape from his virtuous Prussian discipline leads him to a place where tradition is modern, if it is not considered timeless anyway: To Brunsbüttel at the end of the Kiel Canal. To ensure that this journey to the end of the world (at least from the perspective of a Hamburg resident whose horizon ends at the end of the Elbe) can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, far-sighted people have interlinked a railway connection in Itzehoe...


What kind of a mess is that? … platonic …

In our times, relationships almost traditionally don’t last long. In our case, it is less about a marriage or otherwise amorous liaison, although we can speak of a deep friendship here. But more on that later. Does that sound boring? It is. Almost. According to reports, this long-standing relationship came about because of a broken leg. But let’s start at the beginning. We’re talking about Mario Girotti and Carlo Pedersoli, two Italians, the first of whom has partly Saxon roots – unmistakable thanks to his world-famous steel-blue eyes and mop of blonde hair, at least in his younger years....

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